We are excited to announce the offering of raw dairy!
Benefits of Raw Dairy Products
  • Conjugated linoleic acid(CLA), which has a number of health-promoting benefits, including anti-cancer activity
  • Phosphatase, an enzyme that aids and assists in the absorption of calcium in your bones, and lipase enzyme, which helps to hydrolyze and absorb fats
  • High amounts of omega-3 fats while being low in inflammatory omega-6
  • Beneficial raw fats, amino acids, and proteins in a highly bioavailable form, all 100 percent digestible
  • Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K) in highly bioavailable forms. Also has a balanced blend of minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron) whose absorption is enhanced by live lactobacilli
  • Healthy unoxidized cholesterol
  • Healthy bacteria that are beneficial for your gastrointestinal tract
  • More than 60 digestive enzymes, growth factors, and immunoglobulins (antibodies). These enzymes are destroyed during pasteurization, making pasteurized milk harder to digest
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Parmesan Sweet Grass

Availability: Parmesan & Sweet Grass in Stock!

PARMESAN - Our parmesan is made with pastuerized 100% grass fed Jersey milk. This full flavored craft has a tangy finish and a rich texture. Excellent on salads and highly recommended grated for pasta dishes, spaghetti sauces, pasta fillings, salads, and pizza.


100% Grass-Fed Beef                                                                                  
Availability: Contact Us Today!

We offer 100% grass-fed Angus steers by the quarter, half or whole. Customers ordering a half or whole steer may have their orders cut to their specifications. (Orders for quarter steers are standard cut.)  Beef orders are picked up at our farm - frozen, wrapped and boxed - ready for the freezer.  Frozen ground beef is available throughout the year, sold in 1 pound packages. Patties are also available seasonally, 12 per pack.ORDER NOW!

Milk-Fed Pork                                                                     
Availability: Late Fall

Market pigs are raised in an abandoned trench silo we call “Hog Heaven.” Pigs are naturally social animals and like to eat, bathe and “play” as a group. Hog Heaven is a large, fenced area where pigs are allowed to lay in mud, “root” and enjoy a quiet nap in the afternoon sunshine. Our pigs are fed a mixture of natural grains including corn, wheat, and soybeans; but most importantly, raw milk from our farm. Meat from milk-fed pork is creamier in taste. Hogs are sold by the half or whole and cut and smoked to your specifications. ORDER NOW!

Pasture-Raised Chicken
Availability: Early Summer, Late Summer, Mid-Fall

Throughout the warm months, we purchase day-old chicks to raise as fryers or broilers. Our chickens are fed ground corn and other natural grains and water, while being housed outside on the pasture where they can peck for bugs and worms in the ground. (They are housed in a large, roofed, open air cage so they don’t get eaten by predators! The cage is on wheels and we move it every 2 days so they continually have fresh pasture to explore.)