Kevin & Kelly and family are the 6th generation to farm Broadrun Farms. We raise our dairy cattle as 100% grass-fed organic and beef cattle as 100% grass-fed and finished. We operate as a grazing herd, pasturing the animals 365 days a year. April through November their only source of forage is from the lush green grass the animals ‘harvest’ themselves. During the winter months, they are fed baled forage from these same pastures.

Organic Milk

100% Grass-Fed Organic Whole Milk

Organic Cheese

Gouda (Sweet Grass), Parmesan-Style, White Cheddar (Martha-Made)

100% Grass-Fed Beef

100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef Available by the cut or shares

Organic Pastured Eggs

Organic Eggs From Pastured Chickens

“Agriculture is one of the last remaining professions that gets passed on from generation to generation, and it’s in peril. Buying from a local farm is an investment in food for future generations.”

— Nick Carter, CEO