About the Farm

Broadrun Farms is a picturesque family farm nestled in the heart of the western Pennsylvania countryside. With its sprawling green landscapes and charming rustic atmosphere, it captivates the senses which is why owners, Kevin and Kelly Caldwell, are happy to be the 6th generation operating the farm. We are 100% grass-fed certified organic dairy and beef farm, in the Beaver County community for more than 100 years. We offer our farm grown products through private sales and deliveries, by placing an order online.

The farm is home to a number of farm animals, from dairy cows, bulls, steers and calves, to beef cattle, chickens, pigs and honey bees; as well as a few 4-H animals (goats, sheep and pigs) from time to time. From the whimsical antics of the mischievous goats to the gentle nature of the grazing cows, visitors are sure to be enchanted by the farm’s furry and feathered residents.